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Key Terms & Benefits

We can help you achieve the impossible

Financing Amount

RM1,000 - RM100,000

Financing Tenure

7 - 60 days (One-time repayment)

Profit Rate

Up to 1.5%


Based on the concept of Commodity Murabahah


Unexpected expenses are a part of running a business. With CapitalX, you will receive an immediate financing decision and disbursement within 48 hours with one-time repayment of up to 60 days.

CapitalX is the perfect short-term solution that can finance your business until it is ready to run in full force!

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Entry Age18 - 65 Years Old
Applicant CitizenshipMalaysian or Permanent Resident of Malaysia
Nature of BusinessShariah-Compliant

Financing TypeShariah
Financing AmountRM1,000 - RM100,000
Financing Tenure7 - 60 Days
Profit RateUp To 1.5%
Guarantor / CollateralPer Case Basis
Varies For Each Application

Disbursement MethodDirectly Credited  
Into Bank Account Registered
Disbursement Turnaround Time48 Hours  
2 Working Days Upon Approval
Disbursement AmountAfter Deducting All Fees & Charges Payable To Boost Credit
Monthly RepaymentDirect Debit  
Selected In FPX
Due DateOne-Time Repayment
At The End Of Term
Late Interest1.0% Per Annum  
Calculated On Daily-Basis

What is this product about? 

  • CapitalX is a working capital financing product provided by Boost Credit (formerly known as Aspirasi) that enables more efficient management of cash flow for business owners through quick and easy financing, disbursed within 2 working days upon approval.
  • Please refer to the relevant Terms & Conditions of this product for more information.


Is this product licensed or approved by any regulatory authority?

  • This product is currently not subject to any licensing or regulatory requirements.
  • This product is based on the concept of Commodity Murabahah as pronounced by our Shariah advisors.


What do I get from this product?

  • Financing amount: Up to RM100,000, subject to Boost Credit's approval and based on applicable credit assessment (Multiples of RM500 only)
  • Tenure: 7 to 60 days (One-time repayment)
  • Profit rate: Up to 1.5%


Do I need a guarantor or collateral?    
No guarantor or collateral is required.

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