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Log on to your Boost Biz app, tap on "Do More", and select "Biz Booster".  
* For a limited time only. 

What is Biz Booster?

Biz Booster is a self-service analytics tool that enhances our merchants' business and help you make informed decisions with related data and analytics. This is possible by giving you the power to:

Deep dive into your sales, customers and location
Keep track of your business with our smart notification
Benchmark your business and make better decisions


Track Your Sales Performance

Get to know your sales trend and be able to plan ahead on your resource and stock inventory


Know Your Customers

Get to know who are your existing and potential customers and learn their spending behaviour.


Get The Location Insights

Identify the business opportunities when you know where your customers come from.

Get your hands on these insights! 

With only RM9.90 per month. 
Log on to your Boost Biz app, tap on "Do More", and select "Biz Booster".

Step 1

Click on the DO MORE tab

Logon to your Boost Biz App, and select the DO MORE tab at the bottom

Step 2

Select Biz Booster

Click onto Biz Booster, tap on the Start Now button once you've read through the info.

Step 3

You are now in control

Congratulations! You have subscribed to Biz Booster. Get access to your dashboard in 2 hours.

Pioneer your business

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