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No More Sharing Bank Details, Just Send A Link!

Receiving instant online payment from your customers is now easy, safe and fast.

Why Payment Link?

Always having to send bank details to customers to receive payment? Finding it hard to follow up on payments or no clue on who it came from? We are here to help!

With Boost Biz Payment Link, you can now collect & track payment from your customers easily just with a link. There are more features to explore too.

Key Features

Sell Online Anytime, Anywhere

It's easy and fast, no IT expert needed. Receive payment from your customers wherever they are.

Create Unlimited Links

No limit on the number of payment links you can generate. As many as your business grows.

Share A Link or Embed a Button

Multiple ways to collect payment. You can share a link on any communication channels, or embed the button on your blog page and email.

Manage Products and Orders

Create your product inventory and link them to each order you receive, all within the App.

Multiple Payment Methods*

Your customers can pay using their preferred method, such as Online Banking (FPX), Credit Cards, Debit Cards or eWallet.

Create E-Invoice in A Click

When a link is created, an e-invoice is automatically available for you to share with your customer.

Just Pay as You Go

Simple pricing structure, built for businesses of all sizes

1.5% or minimum RM1

per successful transaction

*Enjoy Zero Set Up Fee, for a limited time only.

Four Simple Steps to Accept Payments via Payment Link

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Tutorial Videos

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Be a Boost Biz Merchant Today!

Start accepting online payment at any time and anywhere your customers are.

Know More

Our new enhanced features include: 

1. Social Media Sharing - Share the payment link over social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc. giving your customers a quick checkout option. 

2. Product Catalogue - Allows you to upload your product images, and describe & manage the product/services that you would like to sell via the payment link. 

3. More payment options - Your customer can now choose to pay with their different payment options(ie. Online banking, credit card and eWallet). Both credit cards & eWallet will be available in the coming phase. Stay tuned for more updates. 

4. Orders - Merchants will no longer need to manually track customers' orders. Each time you create a Payment Link, a new order is created against that link. You can keep track of all the payments status and provide an update to your customers easily via the Boost Biz app after they have made the payment. 

5. E-Invoicing made easy for you! - With a few clicks, your invoice can be easily generated when creating a payment link. You can now share with your customer a unique payment link which links to a Boost-hosted invoice page. Your customer can choose to pay with multiple payment methods available.

If you've registered as a Boost Merchant after 16 Dec 2022

Automatically activated upon successful registration for new merchant 

If you've registered as a Boost Merchant before 16 Dec 2022 

Ensure your Boost Biz app is updated to the latest version (Version 4.04 and above) and upon logging in, please click on the 'Activate Now' button available in Home Screen to activate the feature

Boost Biz payment link can only be generated in the app for now. For web, stay tuned for more updates.

Minimum of RM1 and up to maximum of RM10,000 per transaction.


Yes, you may share the payment link to any social media or digital platform of your preference.