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What is Boost PayFlex?

Boost PayFlex is here to help you obtain what you desire, when you desire it. Enjoy the flexibility to pay later in 30 days or in instalments(coming soon) for in-store payments at over 1.6mil DuitNow QR nationwide, along with your bill payments & prepaid top ups.

It’s a stress-free way to enjoy life's pleasures, just get whatever you want now and pay Boost later!

Where to Use Boost PayFlex

We will settle your payments for you first, while you enjoy financial peace of mind with 30 additional days to pay us back!

Scan & Pay

Use DuitNow QR to Scan & Pay, whether it's from Boost or other providers, for seamless in-store transactions.

Bill Payment

Effortlessly manage your bills with PayFlex option, ensuring a convenient payment experience for all your expenses.

Prepaid Top Up

Instantly recharge your prepaid balance with the convenience of Boost PayFlex offering a flexible payment solution for hassle-free top-ups.

How to Activate Boost PayFlex

Follow these simple steps to activate Boost PayFlex via the Boost app

Benefits of Boost PayFlex

Experience the convenience of flexible payment options, delivering your desires at your fingertips and simplifying payments for life's indulgences.

Take Control of Your Finances

Flexibility for you to take control to buy what you want now and pay for it later. You can also decide to pay in 30 days or make the repayment whenever you want, the choice is yours!

Use Boost PayFlex Anywhere

Enjoy unmatched convenience and flexibility for you shop first and pay later at more than 1.6 mil DuitNow QR stores nationwide.

Zero-Interest Rate

Unlock the freedom to shop now and pay later without any additional charges and spend within your means.

Instant Approval With No Collaterals

Gain the peace of mind and convenience of swift approval without the need of any collateral, ensuring a hassle-free process for you.

Shariah Compliant

Empower yourself with the ability to make purchases now and pay for it later, all while adhering to the principles of Islamic finance.

3 Easy Steps to Make Boost PayFlex Repayment

Follow these simple steps to make your repayment!

Boost PayFlex Eligibility

We pave the way for you. So you can be unstoppable.


A Malaysian Citizen with an active transaction history with Boost within the last 3 months.


A Foreign Citizen with an active transaction history with Credit Card within the last 6 months

Boost Premium

Upgrade to a Boost Premium account by verifying your details


Aged between 21 – 60 years old

Tutorial Video

We will guide you step by step

Know More

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Boost PayFlex (formerly known as Boost PayLater) is a digital payment solution provided by Boost Credit (formerly known as Aspirasi) in collaboration with participating partners and/or merchants that enable you to purchase Shariah compliant goods and/or services offered by merchants and to obtain an Islamic financing facility that enable you to finance your purchases and this is made via the Boost PayFlex facility available on Axiata Digital eCode Sdn Bhd’s (Company No: 201701000820 (1214970-T) (“Boost Life”) (“Merchant”) e-Wallet platform for the purchase via instalment(s) (only applicable for the services listed in Table 1).
  • Please refer to the relevant Terms and Conditions for more information on the Boost PayFlex offerings.

  • Pay in 30 Days Plan
    i.    Malaysian / Foreigner legally residing in Malaysia

    ii. Aged 21 – 60

    iii. Premium Boost App users (with good credit history) who may require monetary assistance to pay for services as listed in Table 1

  • You are pre-scored based on Boost Credit’s eligibility requirements which may include but not limited to your spending trends on Boost App (e.g. amount spend, frequency of transactions), top up method, etc. and will be notified when eligible from time to time.
  • Your Boost PayFlex available limit may vary from other customers and is assigned based on your profile and information available and provided to Boost Credit.

  • While there are some basic requirements to be eligible for Boost PayFlex, customers are still pre-scored based on a list of other internal conditions which may change from time to time.
  • The list of eligible customers may be refreshed on a regular basis. Hang in there! We’ll notify you when you’re eligible.

  • Boost PayFlex is based on the concept of Commodity Murabahah and is certified Shariah Compliant as approved by our Shariah advisors.

  • If you are eligible for Boost PayFlex, you will be assigned with a credit limit which may vary for different customers. Please refer to the subsequent question on how the credit limit works.
  • You will be able to draw down your PayFlex limit to make your payments/transactions at our accepted PayFlex touchpoints.
    • PayFlex may be done using Pay in 30 days which allows you to transact today, and make repayment in 30 days; or Instalment which allows you to transact today and split your payments into multiple instalments
    • The offerings and options may vary for different touchpoints/merchants/partners subject to our negotiation.
  • Thereafter, you can monitor your payments, repayment details, and all details pertaining your PayFlex transaction(s) in the Boost PayFlex dashboard in your Boost App.
  • You will make repayment according to the due dates of your PayFlex transactions.
  • Please refer to the relevant Terms and Conditions for more information on the Boost PayFlex offerings.

  • Your PayFlex limit is the maximum amount that you are allowed to spend using PayFlex at a point in time at our accepted PayFlex touchpoints.
  • The PayFlex limit is split into 2 portions: Pay in 30 days limit and Instalment limits. 
    •    Pay in 30 days limit is the total portion that can be utilized only using Pay in 30 days method
    •    Instalment limit is the portion that can be utilized using Instalment method
    •    Note: Pay in 30 days and/or Instalment option may be offered for different touchpoints and use cases subject to our offering.
  • Credit limit assigned to customers may vary for different individuals.

  • The limits are assigned based on your profile and information that we know of you and cannot be manually adjusted by request. However, the limits is subject to change from limit to time.
  • You may however make repayment for your existing PayFlex contracts within the Boost App. After repaying a contract, the said limit amount will be replenished and you’ll be able to transact again.

  • Boost PayFlex can be used for Scan and Pay, Bill Payments, Prepaid Telco Top up, and Telco Postpaid payments within the Boost App.
    • Refer to Table 1 in FAQ below for list of Billers and Telco Providers within Boost App that accepts PayFlex.
    • For Scan and Pay, you can now use Boost PayFlex to scan any DuitNow QR merchants or Boost QR merchants nationwide and extend your payments for 30 days!
    (Note: This is only applicable for customer journey when you scan a merchant’s QR)
  • Hang in there, we will be expanding our feature offerings to more touchpoints real soon!

  • You can make repayment anytime via the Boost app on the PayFlex dashboard. The repayment will be deducted from your Boost e-Wallet.
  • Alternatively, we will automatically collect the repayment due on your due date via the bank account linked during your Boost PayFlex setup. 
  • You should always have a sufficient sum of balance in your account for the direct debit mandate for the payment.
  • Repayment deductions will be made during working days, this excludes weekends and public holidays. You will not be charged late payment fees should your repayment date fall on any of these exclusion days.

Step 1:

Go to Boost PayFlex Dashboard and select to either Pay Now for a specific PayFlex contracts, or Pay All Now to settle all outstanding contracts.

Step 2:

Authenticate payment using Boost Wallet.

Step 3:

Tada! the select PayFlex contracts have been repaid.

  • The auto-debit is performed based on the bank account and account number selected by you during your Boost PayFlex setup.
  • If you’re unable to remember or would like to verify that bank account details linked,  lease email us at to obtain the above information.

  • The duration taken by each bank to process the auto debit may vary. Please note also that auto-deductions are made during working days, which excludes weekends and public holidays.
  • It may take a few days from your due date to process the auto-debit from your linked bank account. Don't worry, you won't be charged with any fees within the 5 days after your due date. 
  • If your auto-debit isn't reflected after 5 days, please contact or you can pay via the Boost PayFlex Dashboard in the Boost app. Repayments will be done using your Boost Wallet.

  • You are required to make the relevant payments in accordance with the relevant Boost PayFlex offering.
  • You can make payment via the Pay Now or Pay All Now features through the dashboard whereby payment will be deducted from your Boost e-Wallet or the payment will be deducted via direct debit during the payment due date.
  • You should always have a sufficient sum of balance in your account for the direct debit mandate for the payment.
  • Kindly note, during the deduction via direct debit, the Pay Now or Pay All Now features will be disabled to avoid double payments.
  • Do contact Boost Credit if you foresee difficulties in making repayments, please email Boost Credit at before the repayment due date(s) so that Boost Credit can provide the assistance you may require. Until a solution is achieved and agreed in writing by the parties, your obligation to make prompt payments on the due date(s) continues, failing which, you will incur such late payment charges accordingly.

  • Where applicable, a Sales and Services Tax (SST), stamping fee, Wakalah Fee, and/or Profit Rate may be applicable.


Fees & Charges

Wakalah Fee

Payable for each Boost PayFlex transaction. Wakalah Fee is payable on 1st instalment due date (for Instalment method) and due date of Pay in 30 days method.

(NOTE: Boost may change the fees from time-to-time. Customer is advised to check the latest fees and charges on Boost App or website before making a transaction.)

  • Pay in 30 days: 4% of transaction amount or RM5 whichever higher, up to RM10 per transaction
  • Instalment: RM10.00 flat per transaction

Profit Rate
Payable for Boost PayFlex transaction for each repayment cycle.

(NOTE: Boost may change the fees from time-to-time. Customer is advised to check the latest fees and charges on Boost App or website before making a transaction.)

  • Pay in 30 days: N/A
  • Instalment: 2.5% of transaction amount. Payable on each instalment due date
Late Payment Charges
Only applies to Late payment for Boost PayFlex transactions.
  • 1% per annum calculated on daily basis
  • Refer to Boost PayFlex T&C or Boost's website for more information.


  • Depending at which phase you are in your payment, relevant late payment charges will be charged on such outstanding amount.
  • If you are unable to meet your repayment obligations on the due date(s), you will incur the applicable late payment charges imposed accordingly on your outstanding amount. Boost Credit will commence legal action against you for the recovery of all payments due as well as the enforcement of all rights afforded to Boost Credit under the relevant Terms and Conditions and the relevant laws without further notice to you, where you shall be further liable for the costs occasioned thereof. Kindly also note that it is within our rights under the relevant Terms and Conditions to disclose all information set out to credit information organisations or other authority or body established by Bank Negara Malaysia, credit reporting agencies and any other authority having jurisdiction over Boost Credit, and it may limit your ability to obtain any loan or financing facility in the future from a commercial bank or a financial institution in Malaysia.

  • You can settle your outstanding amount by clicking on the Pay Now feature on Boost PayFlex Dashboard in the Boost app.

o    No guarantor or collateral is required.

  • Please email us at for more information 

  • You can use Boost PayFlex to pay your bills and telco with the following merchants on the Boost App.


Mobile Prepaid

Celcom (Xpax) Prepaid

Digi Prepaid

Maxis (Hotlink) Prepaid

MerchanTrade Preapid

RedOne Prepaid

TuneTalk Prepaid

U Mobile Prepaid

XOX Prepaid

YES Prepaid

Mobile Postpais

Celcom Postpaid

Digi Postpai

RedOne Postpaid

U Mobile Postpaid

XOX Postpaid

YES Postpaid

TV & RadioAstro Bill
Electricity Utility

NUR Power



Sarawak Energy

Tenaga Nasional Berhad

Water Utility

Bekalan Air Labuan Indah Water Konsortium

Lembaga Air Perak Pengurusan Air Pahang Berhad Syarikat Air Melaka Syarikat Air Perlis

Syarikat Air Terengganu Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor Air Kelantan

Syarikat Air Darul Aman Syarikat Air Johor

Syarikat Air Negeri Sembilan Perbadanan Bekalan Air Pulau Pinang

Lembaga Air Kuching


Take control of your payments with the Boost App.

Enjoy the flexibility to stretch your payments, buy now and pay later with Boost PayFlex at more than 1.6 mil DuitNow QR nationwide.