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17 July 2023

People Behind Boost: Raj Tatavarty, Chief Business Officer


In today’s ‘People Behind Boost’ series, we bring you closer to the man in charge of driving the business and strategic initiatives, especially on micro-financing, SME lending and partnerships across the Indonesian and Malaysian markets.

Introducing Raj Tatavarty, Chief Business Officer of Boost who spearheads the dynamic business team in developing and executing strategic plans to drive the growth of the organization and achieve Boost’s ambitious goals.

Prior to joining Boost, Raj has a distinguished career spanning close to two decades in the financial industry, notably with Standard Chartered Bank. During his tenure there, he held key leadership positions and successfully spearheaded the Business Banking segment across the Asia, Middle East, and Africa regions.

Considered a subject matter expert on SMEs, he has a proven track record in designing effective business strategies, managing P&L, driving sales initiatives, launching innovative products, and effectively managing credit and operational risks. His extensive experience in leading the overall SME business division has equipped him with invaluable insights into the unique challenges and opportunities faced by small and medium-sized enterprises. 

He is passionate about helping SMEs and endeavors to continuously find dynamic solutions that addresses their specific pain points, contribute to their sustained success, and drive meaningful change. This is also the main reason for Raj to join Boost in mid-2022. He immediately recognized that his passion aligned with Boost’s mission to financially empower the underserved and SMEs, through the power of technology, and for them to be unstoppable in achieving their goals. 

In his current role, Raj is responsible for achieving sustainable business growth across the Indonesian and Malaysian markets. His primary focus is on advancing Boost’s micro-financing proposition and forging partnerships with supplier-distributor networks, SME associations and other complementary platforms in e-commerce space. Raj also strives to streamline and simplify the operations of SMEs by effectively integrating them into the digital economy, by harnessing the power of technology. 

When he’s not in the office, Raj enjoys reading and writing for hours in quaint coffee shops and is a published author. He also values spending quality time with his family by playing cricket with his children and going on family holidays. 

Having worked across cultures and in various countries for more than 18 years, Raj has overcome many challenges to be where he is today. “I have learnt that earning the trust of the team by taking an honest interest in them, and making a genuine effort to collaborate are the basic foundations for success.” he said.

On that note, the challenge to work within constraints to reach greater heights for his team and for the SMEs is what drives him to be #unstoppable.