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14 June 2023

People Behind Boost: Naziatul Shafeenaz, Chief People Officer



In today’s 'People Behind Boost', we bring you closer to the woman who is continuously looking at fresh ways to maintain a fun, exciting and supportive culture for Boosties to work comfortably remotely or in office and is always on the lookout for the right talent to join the #unstoppable Boost team. 

Introducing Naziatul Shafeenaz, our Chief People Officer who is responsible for recruiting the best talents across the Boost team. With that quest in mind, Naziatul, or more affectionately known as Naz, emphasize on culture fit as it will lead to a long-term win-win relationship with employees, as they tend to be happier if they consider the environment is right and nurturing for their lifestyles. 

Naz first began her career as a consultant in the field of human capital and change management where she was exposed to multiple disciplines within the realm of human resources and solved many strategic business issues. Midway through her career, she made the transition into the corporate world and leaned towards organizational development, change management and talent management.

She then had the opportunity to join Axiata in 2019 as Group Head Talent Management where she met leaders and talents across the Group and spearheaded their talent efforts. Then in early 2022, she seized the chance to expand into the Fintech industry and her journey with Boost began, which she calls a case of ‘aspiration meets opportunity’.

Her mandate is to oversee people strategy and operations across Boost, and with the aim to make working life more meaningful and impactful for our fellow Boosties. While seeking new talents, Naz believes that to create a workplace environment that everyone can thrive in, maintaining a balanced life is crucial. An important aspect that she ensures exists at Boost is the appreciation of individual differences that nurtures collaboration, finding fun ways to work within each and everyone’s passions, and respecting the line of governance, but also continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation. 

When she’s not nurturing the Boost family, Naz enjoys spending time with those who are near and dear to her. As the saying goes, the kitchen is the heart of every home, and you will find her cooking up a storm or baking in her free time. She also enjoys watching movies, indoor games, and good conversations with loved ones over a cup of coffee. 

“We can always choose the easier path and opt for familiar comfort, but oftentimes the easier path would not help us in building the appetite for growth,” she said. Naz feels that as much as we all hate to admit it, we have all gone through phases of incompetencies in life before accumulating the skills needed to tackle challenges. Deciding to take on the hurdle and bearing it through the period of learning takes conscious effort.

On that note, a piece of advice she gives to others is to pair decisions with conscience and courage. Naz carries this with her through her own life, embodying a spirit that is daring, focused, empathetic, balanced, and full of grit. Not only does this make her #unstoppable, but this is also what makes her an expert in her role at Boost.