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National Scam Awareness Campaign

The campaign is brought to you by Persatuan Bank Bank Dalam Malaysia, AIBIM, Boost & Bank Negara Malaysia

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Types of Scams In Malaysia

Syndicates offering you help to withdraw money earlier from your EPF savings, but with a fee. In order to withdraw your balance, they will submit falsified documents on your behalf.

Calls from either police officers, Bank Negara officers, or even Malaysian customs officers under the pretence of either your personal information being compromised, or that you have an unclaimed package containing sensitive information. 

In these scams, you’d have to make upfront payment for “processing fees.” Like us at Boost, our Capital by Boost Credit financing asks for no upfront fees whatsoever – it is free to apply. Illegal moneylenders would ignore important aspects when offering someone a loan, such as a person’s credit history, and offering limited time offer deals. 

Ever received a text message offering you a job? Work from home with great compensation – almost too good to be true? Take a second to ask where is this source coming from and why won’t they email you properly if it is legit.

Like most scams, they will contact you via SMS or phone calls claiming that you have a prize to be collected or that your account has been defrauded. Be careful with what information you put out! Be it One Time Passwords (OTP), Transaction Authorised Codes (TAC), always keep your authorisation codes to yourself. 

Contact [email protected] or National Scams Response Centre at 997 (8am – 8pm, everyday) and file a police report.

Defend Defend Defend #JangaKenaScam

Malaysia has experienced a significant increase in online scam cases over the past two years. Between 2020 and 2022, the total number of fraud-related complaints rose by 100%. Know how to spot the scams so that you #JanganKenaScam.