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Product Disclosure

Kindly read this Product Disclosure Sheet before you decide to take up any Boost e-Wallet features. Please make sure you also read the general terms and conditions.

Boost is a network based electronic money (e-money) application (“Boost”) with QR code functionality, which contains a monetary value that has been pre-loaded by the user. User are required to pre-load the wallet before making payments and fund transfers (“transactions”). The value will be deducted from the Boost whenever the transactions are made and limited to the amount of money value stored in the Boost at the time of transaction. The Boost provides users with the following services:

1. Payment to Boost and/ or Participating Merchants
2. Cash-in i.e. topping up of e-money into Boost
3. Peer-to-peer funds transfer i.e. transfer of e-money from a Boost user account to another

A. Age Requirement

a. The potential user must be minimum 18 years of age.

b. For potential user less than 18 years old (“Minor”), please ensure you have obtained a consent from your parent or legal guardian prior to the registration. A completed registration will be processed and deemed that such consent has been obtained.

If you are eighteen (18) years of age or above and a parent or a legal guardian;

  • Your child which is Minor may register for a Boost account and use the Services, with your consent and you shall be wholly responsible for the Minor’s use of the Boost app and/or the Services.
  • If you would like to remove access for the Minor’s to the Services, please email and provide Boost with the relevant details.

B. Registration

a. Basic Wallet: Potential user needs to submit basic information such as mobile number, sufficiency of such information for any approval for the Basic Wallet shall be determined by us.    
b. Premium Wallet: Potential user needs to submit mobile number, name as per ID, preferred name, email address, ID number or if necessary, ID documentation (only MyKad, MyPR or a valid passport is accepted) and will be subjected to a KYC process to ensure compliance with all relevant legislation and regulations.

a. Wallet Limits and Services

Wallet Size / Cash-in LimitRM1,000RM4,999
Monthly Transaction LimitRM2,000RM4,999
Annual Transaction LimitRM24,000RM59,999
Send Money between Boost WalletsNot availableAvailable


b. Payment Restriction Feature

There is a restriction applicable for a payments to selected merchants where such payment must be made using a pre-loaded funds that was originated from Savings Account/Debit Card ONLY.

Therefore, the knock-off sequence for utilization of pre-loaded funds will be based on originated source of funds i.e credit card and saving account/ debit card, respectively.  The merchants that are subjected to this restriction are:

  • OPUS
  • SSPN
  • HelloGold
  • Any other Merchant that is determined by Boost at any time. (User will be prompted with notification whenever applicable). 

For Example: New User

User deposits RM 500 from Savings Account

User deposits RM 200 from Credit Card

User spends RM 200 at a Non-Payment restriction merchant

User spends RM 500 to deposit into OPUS

Result – Payment is Successful.

  • Should you need to disable/ block your Boost in the event of lost/ stolen of your mobile device, please notify us immediately at, Mondays to Friday from 9am to 6pm.
  • Your Boost  should only be logged in by you through your own credentials i.e your mobile number and password. Transaction should only be done by you, as sole authorised user, with confirmation through payment PIN and biometric. Should you disclose your password and/ or payment PIN, there will be risks such as a 3rd party may be able to gain access to your Boost to make payments, transfers and access your personal information. If you become aware on any of this, please notify us immediately at, Mondays to Friday from 9am to 6pm.


You will be able to change your preferred name and email directly in Boost application. For other changes, you should inform and email us at

You may visit our website at and if you have any enquiries, please contact us at:


Axiata Digital eCode Sdn Bhd,

Axiata Tower, Level 29,  9, Jalan Sentral 5, KL sentral,

50470, WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Not applicable.


The information provided in this disclosure sheet is valid as at 22 March 2021.

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