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14 December 2022

Meet The Unstoppable Boosties: Teresa Lee


In our quest of ‘Meet The Unstoppable Boosties’ series featuring individuals who faced challenges in life yet remains to be #unstoppable, we introduce Teresa Lee, a breast cancer survivor.

In 2019, Teresa became a first-time mom and when she should be enjoying the joys of new motherhood and her baby, she suffered a relapse of her third breast cancer treatment. This was a tough period for her as she not only had to care for her three-month-old baby, but battled cancer for the third time. Although the process was excruciating, Teresa had faith and kept a strong positive mind to keep moving and break new grounds for the sake of her little family.

Throughout her challenging time, Teresa meditated with positive affirmations shared from trusted family members and friends which led her to let go of unnecessary stress and detoxification for her body and soul, and  also spent a lot of  quality time with her family. She also focused on her personal growth where she took up a certified nail technician course, practiced yoga and participated in online trainings for self-development.

Having received the best treatments and advice from a certified medical professional, Teresa fought and won her battle against the life-threatening disease and now works as the Recruitment Lead at Boost where she is continuously on the lookout for the right talent to join the #unstoppable team.

According to Teresa, when life gives you lemons, make a lemonade. “Walk out from your comfort zone, push your boundaries, and explore new things. #BeUnstoppable with the brand new you that you have yet to discover.”  Lastly, Teresa believes that things happened for a reason. So, just take it, digest it, and move on. And the simplest thing to be thankful for is being able to wake up everyday and just breathe.