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1 December 2022

Meet The Unstoppable Boosties: Jae-Sonn Chong


In achieving #OneTeamOneDream, people are one of the greatest assets in Boost. For today’s series of Meet The Unstoppable Boosties, we have Jae-Sonn Chong, Head of Strategy & Analytics, where we find out how he stays driven in his role and what it takes to be Unstoppable.  

Life as the Head of Strategy & Analytics

No two days are the same for me, especially against the rapidly changing landscape for fintech & financial services in the last 2 years. I start off my day by looking through my priorities list that I spent 15 minutes the night before planning out, and thereafter, it is just ticking off the toughest task on the list.

Most days are spent on clearing roadblocks for the team amidst the constant context-switching and being focused on business outcomes as opposed to being responsible for just work outputs in previous years.

The one thing that I’ve learnt to do is to carve out blocks of time to think deeply about the challenges that Boost faces as a regional full spectrum fintech player.  

Challenges & Solutions

The environment at Boost is fast paced, particularly so when in a rapidly evolving industry like Fintech. One of the biggest challenges, especially in Strategy, is solving some of the toughest questions amidst unchartered waters.  

As with most things, the start is always the hardest part, but drawing inspiration from the proverbial wisdom of “Draft fast, Edit slow”, I was able to overcome these challenges especially with the support from a cadre of great mentors both within and beyond the company.  

Proud Moments & Achievements

One of my proudest moments is being part of the core project team in winning the Digital Bank license application. This meant that I was able to support the company in charting a new path forward in the pursuit of Fintech’s next revolution.  

Another achievement unlocked for me was launching an Asset-Backed Securitization program, making Boost the first full digital financier in the region to do so. This was my first large-scale end-to-end ownership project, where I had the opportunity to work with a team of focused people within and beyond the company to bring this to life.  

Lastly, it’s the journey of rising to Head of Strategy within three years. I had the opportunity to gain a multitude of experiences and lead a team of passionate problem-solvers while standing on the shoulders of giants who have brought about invaluable life learnings and lessons.

Life & Career Aspiration  

My time at Boost has allowed me the opportunity to dabble in the realms of Fintech and I bear witness to the meaningful impact of how the products the company is constantly working on have served society throughout the once-in-a-generation pandemic.  

The dots connecting technological innovation & societal needs, where changing technologies ultimately shape our way of life, intrigues me. I hope to broaden my horizons as to how tech impacts the different facets of our lives (ed-tech, health-tech), where in the distant future, I would be able to give back, either in an advisory or venture role.

Advice to an Unstoppable Boostie

Once you’ve decided on what you want in life, keep a razor-sharp focus on those few things that matter. Show up every day in the best version of yourself – let go of past failures, big or small, and discover what you truly excel in.