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4 August 2022

Digitalising Traditional Businesses with Boost

CzipLee, located at Telawi 3 Bangsar is known for offering a wide range of stationery brands such as Rhodia, Midori and Kokulyo that make them stand out from other ordinary stationery shops. Over the years, CzipLee has truly stamped its name in the hearts of urban Malaysians who are stationery enthusiasts.

However, just like many businesses in Malaysia, CzipLee was faced with dealing with inefficient payment solutions for clients and internal business software that were becoming a hurdle to run its business efficiently.

With the acceleration of eCommerce and the digital world that we live in today, we have seen the rise in new payment methods, with more people preferring contactless payments.  There’s no doubt that businesses of all sizes needed to adapt to their customers’ payment preferences such as Scan & Pay or Business Payment Link to make purchases.

For CzipLee, they became a Boost merchant in 2019 before the pandemic hit and saw the benefits of enabling cashless payments. Jason Chen, Director of CzipLee Bangsar said, “Going cashless and having an eWallet payment as an option is helpful in terms of sales, as it is much faster and convenient for us as a merchant and for our customers. We also see that 30% of our customers use Boost for all their transactions with us, as it gives customers the option to spend without even carrying cash or cards,”

“Throughout the pandemic, we were able to provide peace of mind to our customers by giving them an optimal and easy payment experience, and Boost solutions enabled us to scale, be more productive and discover untapped market potential. All of these would not have been possible without the creative solutions and innovative products that Boost offers. Our experience has been great, and we highly appreciate the smooth and transparent onboarding process,” he added.




In March 2022, CzipLee became one of our Boost Biz BigShots winners, and walked away with a RM8,888 reward. The BigShots campaign is a merchant loyalty program launched by Boost Biz in January this year to reward merchants who embraced digitalisation and the cashless way of doing business.

“As a lucky winner of the BigShots campaign, we look forward to working more closely with Boost, and to offer more benefits to our customers so they can have a better rewarding experience when they explore and make purchases at our store,” said Jason.

On the origins of this family-owned business of over 50 years, Jason said that CzipLee was founded by his father with humble beginnings as a sundry shop back in 1968. “Our first shop was located in Kajang, but we have come a long way since then, and opened our Bangsar shop carrying more niche stationery brands that meet the demands of our customers,” he elaborated.




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To learn more about our BigShots campaign, please click here.



Location: 3 Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Operation Hours: Monday to Friday, 10.00AM to 6.00PM

Get in touch: CzipLee’s official website, Facebook and Instagram, or contact 03-2287 7699 or email