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kongsi klub


Launched in 2019, Kongsi Klub is a referral program that aims to provide financial freedom to people from all walks of life. Take charge of your future and make additional income at your own pace, anytime, anywhere. Life's Better With Kongsi, so #JoinTheKlub!

Why Kongsi?


Earn unlimited rewards with Kongsi-Kash® paid out by the 15th of every month

Financial Freedom

The power to earn is in your hands

Anytime, Anywhere

Refer anytime, anywhere, on your own time

Grow Your Network

Recruit Rakans under your network to rank up and expand your potential income

Professional Trainings

We're setting you up for success with motivational and product trainings


Shine and stand a chance to be recognised amongst the stars

Hear it from our Rakans!

Kongsi Klub


Ever since Kongsi Klub was introduced, I've generated side income without interrupting my daily work. In September 2022, I started being active with Kongsi Klub again and in December 2022, I generated the highest earnings thus far.

Rakan since July 2021

Kongsi Klub


Since becoming a Rakan, I got to make a side income every month at ease and it has helped me financially. It also eased repayments for my financing by making it faster. It’s a great help. Thank you Boost for helping me earn and for helping me in many other ways.


Rakan since June 2020

Kongsi Klub


Ever since I joined Kongsi Klub, I've gained and learned through a lot of experiences. With Kongsi Klub, I didn't think I could generate an income through this program even though it's part-time. It's amazing!


Rakan since January 2023

Refer Our Business Solutions

Capital by Boost Credit

Getting financing should not be difficult. Whether you plan to make inventory purchases, need funds for business activities, venture into store expansion or pay your employees – Capital is the financing solution designed to suit your needs.

Financing Amount

From RM1,000 to RM100,000

Financing Tenure

Up to 12 months

Profit Rate

1.5% monthly (Total of 18.0%)


Based on the concept of Commodity Murabahah

Kongsi Klub is a referral program from Boost where Kongsi Klub Rakans / "Rakans"(referrers) get a substantial cash reward (cash referral bonus) for their efforts in inviting and guiding applicants to complete the application for Boost's digital products and services.

All Malaysians are welcome to join Kongsi Klub especially those who are tech-savvy and want to generate additional income through Kongsi-Kash (cash rewards).

It's easy! Follow these 5 easy steps and become a Rakan Kongsi now!

  1. Sign up to become a Rakan Kongsi: https://rakan.kongsiklub.co/signup
  2. Share your unique referral link with those who are interested in applying for Capital financing
  3. Guide your applicants to complete the application
  4. Get Kongsi-Kash (cash reward) every time the applicant successfully gets Capital financing 
  5. Kongsi-Kash cash reward will be credited into your personal bank account before the 15th day of the following month


Kongsi Klub Rakans will receive Kongsi-Kash (cash reward) up to 4.25% of the funding amount for each applicant who successfully gets Capital financing.

Not only that, Rakans will have a chance to earn Bonuses as well as Overriding Incentives.

Kongsi-Kash monthly cash bonus rewards will be paid before the 15th day of the following month. Disbursement of rewards will be credited into the personal bank account provided during registration.

Kongsi Klub reserves the right to change the cash reward rate anytime without notice.

Kongsi-Kash is a cash reward earned by Kongsi Klub Rakans / "Rakans" (referrers) for every applicant who successfully gets Capital financing through its unique Kongsi-Link (referral link).

Kongsi-Kash cash rewards will be paid before the 15th day of the following month. Reward disbursements will be credited monthly into the personal bank account included during registration.

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